Health and Wellness – Solutions for sensitive skin

Having sensitive skin is something many of you ladies will never have issues with, and therefore you are unaware of struggles of women with sensitive skin have. Those with sensitive skin have only a small portion of cosmetic beauty products to work with because majority of other products have negative effects on sensitive skin.


Not all irritations of the skin are signs of sensitive skin, but if you have problems with using cosmetic products or any other skin issues you might want to go to dermatologist and let him/her see what is the issue, because it can be a symptom of something worse.

Something worse can come in form of Contact Dermatitis which is skin inflammation that happens due to contact or constant exposure to certain chemicals. Dermatologist will find out what kind of chemical is causing that and you can treat yourself by avoiding products that contain that chemical. Symptoms of this skin inflammation are tenderness of the skin, localized swelling, sores and so on.

Dermatologist Dr. Yael Adler talks about diagnosing and treating contact dermatitis

Rosacea is a condition that is manifested by redness of the skin and visible blood vessels in the face area. It can react to emotions, spicy food and temperature changes and those are also very easy ways you can determine whether you have this condition or not. Dermatologist will try to treat your condition with creams or laser therapy, but you will have to change your lifestyle to get rid of this condition. Changes to your lifestyle will include reduce of stress, avoiding high fluctuations of temperature, avoiding spicy food as well as reduce in exercise.

face-dry-and-redPeople with sensitive skin are sentenced to very control heavy life in which they have to avoid many fun activities in order to prevent chapped skin. If they go to ski slope or on the beach their skin will become red and soon after that it will dry, become sore and crack due to lack of natural oils all other people have. There are many things that cause chapped skin, but main culprits are elements and long exposure to them, soap and water if you have long contact with it, dehydration and general lack of fatty acids in food. Deficiency in A and B vitamins is also guilty for chapped skin. Lack of vitamin B will contribute to chapped skin while vitamin A is essential in keeping your skin healthy. Increasing air moisture by with humidifier or bowl of water near a heater will do. Different moisturizers should be used in bath as well.

Even though ingrown hair is a problem for all people, those with sensitive skin have worse effects. Ingrown hair is created after shaving to closely to skin. Shaved hair fails to surface over the skin and starts growing inside which causes pain and irritation. If you have this condition you should find products that have salicylic acid and apply it to the area with ingrown hair. This acid will help remove upper level of dead skin and which you should use tweezers to lift the hair out, but don’t cut it.